If you want to work your own hours and you love to travel, this may be the career for you. Field inspectors are independent contractors and earn anywhere from $5 up to over $300 per inspection. Pay depends on location, type, difficulty, and client. We train you, there are no start up/training fees, and you can do this anywhere in the US.

Aa a field inspector, you will provide an in-person visual inspection of homes, apartment buildings and other commercial real estate.

The purpose of a field inspection is to check the condition of property or equipment for the company that loaned money on it, such as a bank, mortgage company or other lender. For example, insurance companies often require a field inspection to verify building dimensions, condition and safety issues like missing or damage stair handrails or cracked sidewalks that could cause a fall. Banks and mortgage companies will request an inspection to check the condition or occupancy status of a home.

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